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A hand spinner or fidget spinner, as most people call it, is a type of stress-relieving toy. The basic design of a hand spinner consists of a bearing at the middle of the toy. The toy is made from different materials such as brass, titanium, stainless steel, plastic, and copper. The major aim of the toy is to help people who find it difficult to focus or often find themselves fidgeting stay more focused. It is also useful for people with conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, or autism. A hand spinner functions as a release mechanism for nervousness or stress.

Hand Spinner

Do you often bite your finger nails as a result of boredom and leave your fingers in bloody mess? Do you find yourself desk-drumming and pen-clicking and making the people around you uncomfortable? Then a hand spinner may be the best strategy to divert your nervous and bored energy.

A hand spinner is fun to play with, and they are noiseless. Your use of these toys for personal benefits will, therefore, not be a nuisance to anybody around you. Once you get used to these toys, you should be able to spin them for some minutes. It is interesting to practice and see how it works.



Hand spinners are designed with the primary intention of relieving stress in mind. They come with a simple design consisting of two or three branches with a bearing at the middle circular pad. To use the hand spinner, an individual needs to hold the middle pad while the soy spins. The following are the types of bearing generally used: ceramic, stainless steel, chrome, and hybrid designs. In addition, the bearings can be different and the aim is to allow for adjusting the design’s spin time as well as vibration, and noise. These gives a unique sensory feedback.

Health Benefits

As a result of its uses, many benefits have been credited to fidget spinners since it became popular in 2017. For one, hand spinners were designed and sold with the primary aim of helping people stay focused. These toys are also a form of stress relievers. For instance, it can be used by special needs teachers to help calm autistic children down and help them focus on their academic work.

Also, some individuals with ADHD need constant stimulation and a fidget spinner is helpful in this regard. It helps some people with ADHD to focus their attention on what they need to focus on. They are able to achieve this because the hand spinner has a sort of background motion that is occupying that very need.

Generally, fidget spinners are excellent tools for children who are in need of them. To help kids maximize the benefits of hand spinners, there should be ground rules set up with the child and teacher in advance. The child should try as much as possible to adhere to these rules. The essence is to ensure that they don’t become a source of distraction during study time or in the classroom.


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Hand spinners are as simple as they appear. They are not made for everybody, but for those people inclined to getting fidgety. It is also perfect for those who have a mundane office job, or those who travel on a long journey. It is a nice toy to pass away time or help you focus on the most important things.

Hand spinners are small enough that you can take them with your wherever you go. They are often referred to as “every day carry” or “EDC” toys. They are available in a variety of sizes, and they take almost the same form. They are also available in different materials.

Hand spinners can also be used if you want to cut out some nasty habits that consume your time and bring negative effect, such as smoking. You can use a hand spinner to replace the urge to go light up a cigarette. In this case, you will be saving time and becoming more productive, and at the same time, staying healthier.

Are you still wondering if hand spinners is right for you?

The primary reason you would want a fidget spinner is to cub a bad habit or habits that you may have. If you work in an office or always have a meeting where boredom always takes over, then a hand spinner could be an excellent companion for you.

Apart from coping with boredom, fidget spinners are also perfect for those suffering from any of the conditions that we mentioned earlier – ADHD, autism, and anxiety. It is a known fact that people who suffer from these conditions often build up stress that they need to release. And fidget spinners can help them achieve that stress release.

Playing with a hand spinner creates an escape route for the buildup stress and anxiety in your body in a noiseless and healthy manner. Hand spinners are perfect for killing boredom and ensuring that you are more productive.

These great toys are also changing things radically for those who suffer ADHD. It helps them stay calmer and focus more on their work. It is applicable to both children and adults.

While not give fidget spinners a try. You may be surprised at the difference it could make in your life.