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Chapter One

What Makes a Fidget Spinner More Appealing to You Compare to Other Toys

Chapter Two

What is Fidget Spinner and How Does It Work to Benefit You?

Chapter Three

Fidget Spinners: What Are the Benefits, What Are the Concerns?

Chapter Four

Learn What Researchers Are Saying Regarding Fidget Spinner

Chapter Five

Need a Fidget Spinner? See Prices and a Review of Some Fidget Spinners on the Market Before Making Your Choice

Chapter Six

The Final Word




Chapter One: What Makes a Fidget Spinner More Appealing to You Compare to Other Toys


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Fidget spinner is the new fad in town. It’s the new toy that every kid wants to have. Possibly you’re getting caught up in the craze too.

This is because the obsessions about fidget spinner are not just with the kids. Adults are getting engrossed in the craze too.

And if you are a close observer, you may already be aware of the controversy that is brewing up around the use of fidget spinner lately.

Maybe you’ve been wondering about the reasons behind this sudden obsessions and controversies about fidget spinners.

You might have asked one or two questions, but you’re yet to get satisfactory answers to quench your curiosity.

Today, you’ve landed on the right page. In fact, I will advise you not to look elsewhere for information concerning fidget spinner.

This is because this “Definitive Guide to Understanding Fidget Spinner” has all the answers. If you would invest you time to read on, you will soon understand the psychology behind the sudden craze about these fad toys.

There is more…

You will not only understand where the controversies are coming from, you will also learn what experts’ opinions are on the ensuing debates.

So, if you really want to know, please read on and allow me to feed you with all the juicy information you need to know about fidget spinner.


Why the Sudden Obsession about Fidget Spinners?

spinner hot

You must have ask yourself why the sudden obsession about fidget spinner. Of course, fidget spinner is not the only toy on retailing stores or on Amazon.com.

So, it is surprising that these toys have generated a great deal of controversies in the last couple of months.

Let me tell you, most of these controversies you read or hear about fidget spinner isn’t just about the obsessions, but more about the acclaimed benefits of the new – but not so new – toy that is sending both adults and kids crazy.

If you can take your time to ponder a bit about this question I’m going to ask you, then you will get an insight.

How many toys on the market promise to offer you anything beyond fun and entertainment? I’m not sure there are so many of such.

The fidget spinner is one toy that promises you so many health benefits beyond just being a gadget for fun and entertainment. So, what do you think? As you can see, it’s a wow toy.

No wonder the adults can’t just leave the toy for the kids alone. They also want to have a share of the benefits making the sales of fidget spinners to become an explosion in the toy market.

Needless to say, today, they are the hottest toys in demand at retail stores.

spinner in store

In fact, retailers are making thousands of dollars following the sudden upsurge in demand for this toy that could also have pass as a device. It’s really the talk of the moment on social media and the entire internet community.

No doubt, the bug of the device is already dominant in most households around the world, making it one of the most searched items on Google engine in 2016.

If you’re a parent with kids of say between 6-19 years of age, chances are you have been forced into buying this latest must-have gadget yourself. Of course, kids will always crave to have the trending set of toys to play with. What’s most intriguing, however, is that adults are also getting involved in this fad.

Thus, just like you, many people are becoming more inquisitive about fidget spinners.

Or, how do you explain the craze around a toy that is intoxicating for both kids and adults alike? Especially where it promises to deliver numerous health benefits for users. It couldn’t but generate a hot debates.

Today, apart from being a learning tool in classrooms, fidget spinner has become part of the office tools too. In fact, managers and office workers, who want to relieve themselves of the stress emanating from job activities, now, find solace in fidget spinners. This new craze, no doubt, makes fidget spinner the fascinating toy for all ages and classes.

Forbes fidget spinner

Hope you’re following up? Or, maybe you’re getting confused. You don’t have to be, just read on. The details will get clearer to you soon as you learn more.

Yes, you might still have a lot of “why” and “what” questions.

Like: What is the essence of this gadget driving people crazy? Why is fidget spinner different from other popular toys in the stores?

The reality is that these reasons are not far from the sensations people derive from its fascinating spinning. Or, maybe, it’s because, beyond being a toy, fidget spinner has also been branded as a panacea for stress, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, and anxiety.

I advise you to read on if you really want to get some real answers to this mind boggling obsession the fidget spinner is building.

Thus, in order to answer a few of these questions popping up in your mind, we are going to delve deeper into what fidget spinner is and how it works.

I will also share with you the basic science behind the act of fidgeting you might not have thought of or read elsewhere before now.

I won’t stop there.

I’m also going to share with you some of the facts and myths surrounding the efficacy of fidget spinner as regard increasing focus, relieving stress, and managing autism.

And, if you also want to know what experts are saying concerning the various health benefits claims attributed to fidget spinners, then you just have to keep reading on.

I’m certain the information you are going to get from reading this post will surely worth the time expended.



Chapter Two: What is Fidget Spinner and How Does it Work to Benefit You?


Before unveiling the benefits and other features of fidget spinners, it will be ideal to give you a brief description of what it is and how it works to benefits you.


So, what is fidget spinner?

What is fidget spinner

Simply put, fidget spinner is a kind of toy. It is a device, as well as a toy, invented to help kids with special needs.

If you haven’t seen one before, they are pocket size toy made from plastic, wood, metal, or other materials. It often comes with a bearing at the center with two to three prongs that spin around it. The device spins when press at the center, and spin with the other hand, much like the household ceiling fans.

Originally invented by Catherine Hettinger to help kids with attention disorders to increase focus and gain attention, fidget spinner has been around since the early 90s. Even the inventor of the device could not but wondered at the sudden upsurge of interest by adults.

Today, fidget spinner comes in varying colors and different designs imaginable, including different add-ons.

Before the sudden surge in interest, fidget spinner has been a tool for teachers, guidance counselors, and therapists. Many schools have adopted it as a teaching tool for a while now. It is the belief that the toy helps kids to increase focus during the learning process.


How Does It Work to Benefit You?

How Does It Work to Benefit You

A fidget spinner has a stable center with two to three rotating paddles. When press at the center and then spin by the other hand, the prongs spin just like your ceiling fan would do.

The original intention was to use the toy to help kids with special needs. So, when kids with autism focus on the rotating spinner, it helps them to develop fine motor skills.

In the same manner, when it spins, it could help increase concentration in other kids and adults. Thus, it soon became a toy for all generations, kids and adults.

Fidget spinner helps to keep the hands busy while at the same time helps to boost mind concentration.

It is therefore an amazing toy for anyone who wants to increase productivity at work. It can be spun continuously for several minutes at a time, leaving you with a relaxing and satisfying experience.

So, the fidget spinner didn’t just become a global fad overnight, it has lots of benefits to show for it.

Now, let’s draw the curtain aside to reveal to you some of the reasons why the toy suddenly becomes a fancy object for both adults and children around the world.

Could it be that fidgeting has been an integral part of the human nature before the invention of the fidget spinner? Let’s find out.


The Basic Science of Fidgeting: Why You Should Know

know fidget spinner

Fidgeting is a gesture that every human being has in common. We have been doing it before the fidget spinner was ever invented. The average human being can fidget with virtually any object.

The fidget spinner only came to reinforce a habit that has been inherent in us all. No wonder, the adults couldn’t resist the obsession. Everyone is on the obsession train.

Of course, with close observation, you must have found yourselves fidgeting with one object or the other while trying to focus your minds on a subject matter.

Sometimes you might have also observed colleagues and friends biting their nails or spinning pens, while having their minds on something else.

So, given this human nature, we shouldn’t wonder any much why the fidget spinner has suddenly become the latest toy fad among children, and even adults. This is simply a case of the reinforcement of a recessive habit and bringing it to the fore.

Fidgeting is an aspect of human nature. Fidget spinners are just stimulants bringing the inherent human habits to the fore.

That’s the basic science behind fidgeting and one of the reasons for the rapid obsessions.

Now, let’s consider some of the acclaimed benefits of the fidget spinner and how they further help to drive the craze. How real are these claims? And, what are the concerns observers are raising?



Chapter Three: Fidget Spinners: What Are the Benefits, What Are the Concerns?


Fidget Spinners Benefits

In retail toy stores and other sales points including the internet, Fidget spinners are being promoted based on the acclaimed benefits of the gadgets to users.

Do you know what?

If you must know, most of the controversies that are coming up are offshoots of the assumed benefits and the perceived drawbacks of the toy to it users. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, in order for you to have a better grab on the obsession and controversy surrounding fidget spinner, it’s important that you know some of its benefits as well as the concerns people are having about this new fad.


Fidget Spinner: You Can Read about All Its Benefits Here

The truth is that aside being a toy for fun and excitement, fidget spinner also offers you other benefits. Unlike most toys on the market, fidget spinner promises some health benefits for kids and adults.

Little wonders, the obsession is not limited to the kids. Like I said earlier, the health benefits explain why the adults are also caught in the new craze.

Now, let me show you some practical reasons people are going crazy for fidget spinner.

However, before I proceed further, here is a caveat;

It is important for you to note that most of the acclaimed benefits of fidget spinners have not been scientifically proven. Hence, cautions should be taken as regard being unnecessarily addicted to the gadgets.

Read on if you still want to learn some of these benefits despite the caveat.


1. A cure for autism and other disorders:

Autistic no more via spinnerstar

Fidget spinners are use in the management and the care of children with special needs. Such disorders often include autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Hence, schools and parents are employing the toy as a tool to meet the health needs of their kids. Not surprising, it suddenly become a viral toy among school kids.

For instance, it is acclaimed that fidget spinners encourage children with ADHD to squirm and move their limbs. As the prongs spin, the process helps the kids to direct their focus rather than just sitting still. This becomes exciting and tends to motivate the kids to be more active and focus.


2. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety:

It has been acclaimed that fidget spinner helps to relieve stress and anxiety associated with people’s day to day activities. Thus, it has suddenly become an office device. So, both the senior and junior staff members are now turning to fidget spinner for relieve after a hectic brainstorming in the conference room.

No one feels comfortable under stress or anxiety. In fact, stress and anxiety affect productivity in negative ways. Thus, having a hand held device that can save you from such situation is nothing but cool.

Spending few times fidgeting with fidget spinner can help to calm your nerves, thereby helping you to gain more concentration. This could be a reliable and sustainable way to effectively take charge of your life and increase your productivity. Fidget spinners offer you effortless, easy to use, and most importantly, cost-effective ways to achieve results.


3. They are adopted by schools as part of the learning aid kits for kids:

spinner for school

Fidget spinner has been adopted in many schools as one of the tools for helping children with special needs. Even regular kids find the toy to be exciting and fun.

However, recent posting and debates on social media and other platforms are suggesting that the toy could be doing more harm to the kids than good. Many schools are already banning the device on the ground that it is becoming more of a distraction to the kids. It is argued that some of the fidget spinners make some humming sounds that distract other children in the classrooms.


4. A new gadget for the office:

Instead of striking the table endlessly with your pen – or worst still, banging on the table with your fist – fidget spinner can help you calm down, relieve distress and help regulate your emotion in the office. The device promotes focus and concentration. It also decreases stress through its smooth, fast, satisfying silent rotation, thereby helping you to calm your nerves after a challenging meeting or encounter.

Discussions about fidget spinners are more frequent in offices nowadays. Many people have admitted that the device helps them to calm down when faced with challenging situations. It is a very good way to zone-out when you want to stay alone.


5. A remedy for bad habit:

spinner for remedy for bad habit

If you are the type that won’t stop biting your nails down to the bones, fidget spinner might come as a remedy. The hand held device can help you out. Now, you have something to take your attention away from the bad habit.

A trending and acceptable habit is far better than one that is socially sulking. So, using your fidget spinner in a public place could be more alluring to sights than biting your finger nails.


6. It helps to combat boredom:

spinner combat boredom

When you feel lonely and nothing seems to excite you, fidget spinner can be a good source of excitement. It takes away your boredom by grabbing your attention. The spinner helps you to zone out while you stare at the spinning prongs, and afterwards, you could come out more energetic.

Sometimes, it is better to stay alone and tackle your boredom than forcing yourself on other people who might not be willing to associate with you at that moment. No doubt, fidget spinner could be a reliable companion in such instances. Just keep one in your drawer as a necessary buddy.

But, despite all these pluses going for fidget spinners, there are concerns.

The concern is that despite these seemingly positive benefits of fidget spinner – leading to its popularity – the device could be dangerous in some ways. This shouldn’t be counterintuitive, since most of the acclaimed benefits have not been proven by reliable studies.

Observers, undoubtedly, agree that fidget spinner might be a good fad toy, but it could also be a source of distraction for kids during the learning sessions.

More also, some of these toys have been found to make humming sounds while spinning, which could actually be distracting to other learners.

Thus, it wasn’t surprising to see that some schools are banning fidget spinners from classrooms. Of course, if control measures are not put in place, the device, rather than aiding the kids in the learning process, could actually become a distraction to learning. This can be dangerous for the kids and the reputation of a school.

However, many fidget spinner enthusiasts have argued that the toys are only having some hating campaigns. There are other devices around us, such as the smartphones, which are more distracting than the fidget spinner.

At this stay, you might want to ask: So, what are the concerns about fidget spinners? I will show you if you will read more.


Revealed: Reasons Why Fidget Spinner Might Be Dangerous For You

fidget spinner addiction

Naturally, fads come and wane-out after the initial obsession. But, fidget spinners seem not to be leaving anytime soon. However, before making this conclusion let me share with you some of the arguments that have been advanced about the dangers of fidget spinner its users.

1. It could be a distraction:

Many school owners have argued that although fidget spinners might have some intrinsic advantages for kids, they could also lead to distractions in classrooms. The gadgets maybe helpful by aiding some kids to concentrate but they could distract others.

It has been observed that some of the kids focus their attentions more on the spinning object than they would to their studies. Consequent upon this, many schools around the US and the UK are already sending warning notes home to parents discouraging the use of fidget spinner.

2. There is no concrete evidence as to its efficacy: Possibly, a psychologist or counselor can recommend fidget spinner for you after close observations, doctors will not do so. This is because there is no conclusive evidence as to its efficacy. Scientists aren’t so sure if it can actually deliver on the purported claims that it can cure stress, ADHD, autism, and anxiety.

3. It could become an addiction: Fidgeting with a fidget spinner if not consciously regulated could become an annoying addiction. Public etiquette often demands protocols that negate such openly display of seemingly childish habits. Thus, staying in such environment may soon become uncomfortable if you have been addicted to your fidget spinner.



Chapter Four: Learn What Researchers Are Saying Regarding Fidget Spinner

Good or bad, the truth is that there have been a lot of controversies around the use of fidget spinner. So, what are researchers saying about this wonder toy driving kids and adults crazy?

Here are some of the things you should know.

Amid these entire craze, first, it is important to ask yourself how legitimate the claims are that fidget spinners can cure stress, ADHD, autism, and anxiety.

Yes, you need to know for sanity sake. This will help you to take an inform decision about the extent to which you should go along with the new trend.

For your benefit, I have examined some of the various studies conducted to validate or discredit some of the claims associated with fidget spinner. This could be an eye-opener to the parents, school owners, and the general public about the new fascination in town. I will leave you to make your decisions after going through the different positions.

I’m sure you will agree with me that toys are naturally helpful for kids during their developmental stages. They are useful tools to help create healthy fun and excitement needed for the development of their cognitive domain and intelligence quotient. Some of these toys often go viral creating unusual fascinations.

Fidget spinner, however, is an exception to these common fads. No doubt, it is an exciting toy loved by kids. But the claim that it cures stress, ADHD, autism, and anxiety, certainly has added a twist to the whole craze.

A close observation shows that since the eruption of the fidget spinner fad, there has not been specific study on the subject matter. Aside speculations, no study has actually accepted or debunks claims associated with the gadgets. Most of the controversies surrounding fidget spinners have erupted from reactions to the incidences of schools banning the toys from classrooms.

According to an elementary school principal in Evanston, Illinois, Kate Ellison, who spoke with the Chicago Tribune, fidget spinners are more of a distraction in classrooms. Arrangements have already been made for children with special needs in her school with better and more specialized gadgets. She concluded that fidget spinners are unnecessary distractions for kids.

Some parents of kids with autism are, however, not happy with schools’ decision to ban fidget spinner in classrooms. According to Caroline, a mother of a 12-year old kid with autism, she noticed significant improvements in her kids’ development pattern since she introduced the toy to him. She believes that placing a ban on the toy will further isolate her son from other kids.

In response to schools’ distraction arguments on reason for banning fidget spinners in classrooms, some therapists are of the opinion that outright banning of the toy from classrooms could not have been the best approach. The proposed that regulations should rather be installed to manage when and how fidgeting should take place. Although fidget spinner might be a distraction to some kids, no research has proven that it is insignificant to learning processes.

According to a research by Professor Julie Schweitzer of UC Davis behavioral science, wriggling, bouncing or spinning objects can help kids with ADHD to perform cognitively demanding tasks. Her research may not directly involve fidget spinner, but there are close relationship between her stimulant laboratory objects and the gadget.

On the other hand, a clinical psychologist at the University of Central Florida, Mark Rapport, was of the opinion that using a fidget spinner is more likely to serve as a distraction than a benefit for individuals with ADHD. He believes that full body movement such as cycling or running helps to engage the brain regions involved in focus than a mere spinner-like gadget. He concludes that more definite conclusion can only be reached when specific studies are undertaking by scientists on the possible health benefits of fidget spinner.

For adults, fidgeting has always been a subconscious way to achieving focus long before this new fad. Depending on individuals, experts in occupational therapy have observed that fidgeting with an object in hand can help you to stay focus when working on a long task or trying to stay attentive in a long meeting. Fidget spinner could as well help you to achieve the same purpose.

Experts acknowledged that fidgeting has been a common way of managing attention regulation. It might not work for everyone with ADHD due to human differences. Evidences have actually shown that fidgeting helps persons with ADHD to focus their attention on what they want to focus on. Likewise, fidget spinner might not work for everyone; it might meet the needs of a sizeable number of people.

Sometimes you see people tapping pen on their tables or spinning their car keys while trying to focus their attention on a particular idea. This is one of the things a fidget spinner can do for you. All you need to do is to use your thumb and index finger to hold the center of the spinner and then spin with the other hand or one of the other fingers.

In a book by Roland Rotz and Sarah D. Wright, it was actually argued that fidgeting helps to prevent the distractions that come from boredom. The book, “Outwit Your Boredom: Sensory Strategies For Living With ADHD,” explains that rather than causing distractions, fidgeting prevent the mind from being occupied by unhealthy and stress inducing thoughts. Thus, instead of occupying your mind with unproductive thoughts, fidget spinner can help you to dwell your mind on thoughts that matter most.

As you can see, evidences from studies are neither here nor there. None of the available studies have proven that fidget spinner is totally insignificant in the improvement of certain health conditions. In fact, some of the studies actually suggest that fidget spinner could serve some valuable purposes.

At this juncture, it is important to note that there is need for more empirical research focusing on the significance of fidget spinner. Pending a reliable research, however, the use of fidget spinner should be done in moderation. Whether it is use in the school environments or within the households, there should be some forms of regulations in place to control unnecessary obsessions.

Chapter Five: Need a Fidget Spinner? See Prices and a Review of Some Fidget Spinners on the Market Before Making Your Choice

Buy fidget spinner


How much will a fidget spinner cost you? This depends largely on the features you’re looking for in terms of material make up and not necessarily in terms of benefits.

In order to help you make informed decision when planning to buy a fidget spinner, I will give you some insights on how much people are spending on these wonderful toys.

What else?

Yes, I will also share with you a review of some of the fidget spinners you can find on the market. No doubt, this information will arm you with details you would need in case you’re fascinated enough to want to buy one for yourself.


How much will a fidget spinner cost you?

Fidget spinners come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Also, prices of fidget spinners vary depending on the materials used in the production and the add-ons that the toys are adorn with. In various toy stores around the globe, Amazon, Etsy, and other online platforms, fidget spinners priced between $2 and $20.

Fidget spinners are made with different materials ranging from smooth silicone, aluminum, titanium, wood, and plastic, among others. There are those made with 3D printing technology too. Sure, you will always find one that suits your wallet and personal desire.


A Brief Review of Some of the Fidget Spinner on the Market


Fidget spinners are not created equal. They have different spinning time and are made with different materials. The designs and quality differ too. Hence, you might need to arm yourself with sufficient information before making your final choice.

Again, if you haven’t seen one, fidget spinners are generally compact, pocket-sized devices that can be carried around anywhere. Here is a review of some of the best hand-held fidget spinner toys you can find on the market.


1. Raptor R1 fidget spinner

fidget spinner

Raptor R1 fidget spinner promises you easy life. It prides itself as stress and anxiety neutralizer. Raptor R1 fidget spinner helps to make life easier by removing petty distractions and improve your coordination.

This stress relieving toy comes with high-speed tri fidget spinner technology and a premium bearing which makes it the talk of the town. The device can be spun on your hand as well as on your desk. A close observation shows that it has an average of about 3 minutes of continuous spinning duration. Indeed, Raptor R1 fidget spinner is a perfect product for ADHD, ADD, and Autism. It is an ideal product for both adults and young ones. You can visit Amazon for additional information on features, benefits, and price of this product.


2. Vafru Mini Magic Anti-anxiety dice cube

spinner cube


Vafru Mini Magic Anti-anxiety dice cube is a pocket fidget toy. This is a one of a kind toy that provides six different ways to manage excess energy in a more constructive and less obtrusive way. It is made of high-grade plastic which measures 3.3 x 3.3 x 3.3 cm (1.29 x 1.29 x 1.29 in) in size.

Amazingly, each face of this magic cube provides a diverse method of stress-relief to meet different needs. On one of the sides of the cube, you have a small joystick with gliding motion that provides soothing sensations for game lovers and gamer enthusiasts alike. There is a side with a series of five buttons arranged in the form of an x and can be clicked. Three of the bottoms provide soothing sounds while two remain silent when click.

Another side has a round dial for those that want to move their thumb in a soothing, circular motion. Then, there is the giant switch on one side of the cube, which can be turned on and off to create some audible sound effect. Another face comes with three gears and a ball that can also be clicked for soothing effect.

And lastly, at the bottom of the cube, there is a groove that can be rubbed to relieve anxiety. It can be placed on the office or school desk for easy reach. You can visit Amazon for additional information on features, benefits, and price of this device.


3. Hysada Spinner Fidget toy

Hysada Spinner Fidget toy

Hysada Spinner Fidget toy is made of aluminum which makes it light weight and durable. It has high speed spinning capacity that enables it to tackle stress, increase focus, helps quit bad habits, engage in deep thoughts or work with a creative mind.

Hysada Spinner Fidget toy works straight out of the box without the need for any maintenance. You need not keep any repair oil, water, or alcohol to clean it. You can spin it endlessly for hours. Sure, it will help keep your stress away without making any noise that disturbs the people around you. Visit Amazon for additional information on features, benefits, and price of this toy.


4. AMILIFE EDC Fidget Spinner

AMILIFE EDC Fidget Spinner

AMILIFE EDC Fidget Spinner High-Speed Stainless Steel Bearings offers itself as the solution for stress and anxiety resulting from hard times. It comes in catchy golden color with length of 7 cm and a thickness of about 1 cm. AMILIFE EDC Fidget Spinner’s SLA technology ensure unique and sensational experience for the users.

AMILIFE EDC Fidget Spinner has a great speed which is a plus due to its heavy weight. This device can speed continuously for close to 5 minutes given you a cool opportunity to calm down. It also helps ADD and ADHD sufferers to increase focus while fidgeting. You can visit Amazon for additional information on features, benefits, and price of this fidget spinner.


5. VICTOREM EDC metal fidget spinner

VICTOREM EDC metal fidget spinner

VICTOREM EDC metal fidget spinner helps you to overcome the urge for bad habits such as nails biting and nose picking. It is also capable of increasing your focus when you’re trying to recover from stress or anxiety.

VICTOREM EDC metal fidget spinner is made entirely of metal, which makes it have a longer spinning durable. It has sturdy design which protects it from broken. The spinner weighs around 75g (0.16lb). VICTOREM EDC metal fidget spinner is good for you if you’re looking to concentrate on your ideas without any disturbance. Visit Amazon for additional information on features, benefits, and price of this toy.

Of course, you must have notice the common denominators in the above review. These toys are marketed to both adults and children. More also, while most toys are sold based on the fun they provide, fidget spinners are sold with reference to their health benefits to users.

These features, no doubt, provide the premise for the obsessions as well as the controversies you must have heard about fidget spinners.



Chapter Six: The Final Word


The bottom line is that fidget spinner isn’t just another fad, it holds potential for some surprises. Though there is need for specific research, no one can dispute the likelihood that fidget spinners serve some valuable purposes. The fact that everyone fidgets naturally tend to lend more credence to the possibility of some shocking discoveries in the nearest future.

Experts, thus, agree that there is need for specific research into the phenomenon. Of course, there is the need to know if fidget spinners actually have some health benefits for users. Fidget spinner might turn out to be an essential device after all. Who knows?

The notion that fidget spinner could be a source of distractions shouldn’t be an issue for you if the gadget is found to deliver on promise. This is an individual decision to make.

After all, you sometimes fidget with your cell phones, yet you still get the jobs done.

More also, if future studies found the gadget to have positive therapeutic effects on kids with autism, then schools should find ways of incorporating the device into their system rather than banning it.

Above all, fidget spinner, no doubt is one of the rare toys that provide exciting comforts for both the young and the mature minds.

It definitely took the world by surprise. And we may have to learn to live with it. This is because the fad might not be going away anytime soon.