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Fidget cube is a small and portable which enables users to carry them around. They have been tested and proved to get rid of anxiety and stress. They enable users to focus better on work or school. It is affordable and suitable for both adults and children


Fidgeting is the act of keeping oneself occupied by making small movements like nail biting, playing with hair and pen clicking. Fidgeting happens to many people, most of the time unconsciously and repeatedly.  Behaviorists have mixed opinions about fidgeting. Some view it as a negative habit. Others see it as harmless and argue that it does not have adverse effects on normal life. Unless in extreme cases, fidgeting is completely normal. Studies done by scientists show that children who fidget have shown better performance in school work.

 Fidgeting can be a result of various factors namely:

  • Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Stress
  • Uneasiness
  • A combination of the four.

It is for this reason that Antsy Labs came up with their fidget cube; to keep your fidgety fingers occupied. A fidget cube is a fun and interesting way to curb this trait. After continued use, it helps individuals fight the urge of fidgeting. A fidget ball is an integration of various fidgeting ways incorporated into a stress cube. It is portable to make it easy to carry around. It allows users to flip, click, glide, roll, breathe and spin as much as they wish in the day. To use it, just rotate it in the palm of your hand and select the side that satisfies you most at the moment.

This amazing invention by Matthew and Mark McLachlan has progressively increased popularity and sales since inception in 2012. The project was launched on Kickstarter. After five years of intensive prototype working and testing, they eventually came up with a final product that shook the internet. The brothers have an unwavering passion for solving everyday challenges that people undergo. It has a total of six sides, each having something different to play with. Fidget cubes are available in an array of colors and design schemes including dice, aqua, fresh, sunset and retro among others. A fidget cube aims to look perfect on any desk, whether it belongs to a High School Student or a Top Ranking Company Executive.  

Features of a fidget cube.

  1.    Click– there is a total of five clickable buttons that feature a 2-1-2 pattern. Three of the buttons are audible/noisy while the rest are silenced, this design is meant to meet the needs of the clicker in everyone. When in class, soothe your urge to click with the silenced side without causing distractions to others.  There is no reason to click pens again.
  2.    Flip– a flip resembles a flattened light switch. It enables you to flick/press/throw with back and forth. The faster the flips, the more the clicks you will hear.
  3.    Glide- the glide consists of a smooth gliding joystick meant to keep your thumb busy regardless of whether you are a gamer or not.
  4.    Spin– a spin is just a small rotatable/circular dial which allows you to turn countless times until you are content.
  5.    Roll– a roll consists of a clickable ball roller and three rotating gears, similar to a computer mouse scroll wheel. The only difference is that on a roll it’s separate and it produces a satisfying click noise when rolling.
  6.    Breathe– this got inspiration from worry stones. The dished surface is for the user to rub against or rest your finger to relieve anxiety.

Fidgeting does not just occur in children; it is increasingly affecting more and more adults. Imagine going to that interview you always dreamt about, and you start fidgeting. It may not be a good trait to portray, well, according to some people. There are a lot of negative things said about fidgeting. Most of them are obviously untrue. Do not believe everything you read or hear. In reality, the exact opposite has been proved to be the case. Chronic fidgeting should not worry you at all. It is for this reason that there has been an increase in the number of companies getting creative about fidgeting recently.

Note that people have varying fidgeting needs. It is a fact that everyone fidgets to some extent, in their peculiar ways. You may not use pens or paper clips, but there are different modes of fidgeting. Maybe your style involves tapping your foot on the ground repeatedly or bouncing your knees in up and down movements. Using a fidget cube will provide you with a concrete solution to make you focus irrespective of whether you fidget subconsciously or consciously.

Benefits of a fidget cube.

  1.    It is small and portable which enables users to carry them around.
  2.    They have been tested and proved to get rid of anxiety and stress.
  3.    Fidget cubes do not require recharging.
  4.    They give users six choices of fidgeting making the process fun and unique.
  5.    They enable users to focus better on work or school.
  6.    They are reasonably priced to make them affordable to more people.
  7.    Suitable for both adults and children.

Instead of this behavior being mocked and stigmatized within our society, we need to address it appropriately. People need to change their negative connotations and perceptions on fidgeting. Stigmatizing victims is morally inappropriate and unbecoming. The solution was the manufacturing of fidget toys for adults. One main reason why a fidget cube is a must have accessory is the fact that you can use virtually anywhere. Whether you are in a lecture or attending a meeting, you can carry it around and utilize it. There are no limits to when, how or when you can use this fantastic product. When you are traveling upcountry for long hours, a fidget cube will help you endure the lengthy commute and relieve you of stress or anxiety of getting home in the process. Instead of losing yourself in cellphone games, invest in one of these.

Most people ask themselves if they need a fidget cube or they can continue to use things like pens. The answer is yes. A fidget cube is like an all-encompassing remedy for fidgeting. You should not shy away from owning one. In as much as pens or any other fidgeting objects are satisfying in clicking, fidget cubes are designed to make the experience more satisfying. Pens are in fact the inspiration behind the design process of fidget cubes.

Precautions and tips.

  1.    They are suitable for children over five years of age.
  2.    Monitor children using fidget cubes as they are a choking hazard.
  3.    Despite the many benefits, fidget cubes do not cure conditions or illnesses. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.


The fidget cube is an excellent way to ease anxiety and enhance relaxation. The series of tactile buttons and switches reduce tension and gives users physical sensation. With the many fidgeting options including satisfying auditory clicks, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a spinner, flicker, clicker or roller, there’s something specifically designed for you.  Use a fidget cube at home, school or work. The fidget cube is a great idea for a birthday or anniversary gift for a friend or sibling that cannot stop fidgeting.