About us

Since the end of 2016, hand spinner becomes fashionable all over the world for a second. On the premise of our own conditions, our company set up a hand spinner team quickly, invoked 3 product designers of more than 8 years’ work experience in the company, structural engineers and mechanical engineers for research and design hand spinner, and gradually developed various types of hand spinner. Both in design, speed and workmanship are in excellent level in the market. The developed hand spinner now can spin about at most 9 minutes, and it feels comfortable, it also has single hand type and many other varieties.
Our company has more than 80 CNC production equipment, more than 10 CNC lathe, and more than 150 employees. At present, our company continues to promote new products, mainly by independent design and development, absorbs excellent market cases to combine, updates new productions weekly and supplies 2000 sets. We take the quality as standard, adhering to QC, so that our partners don’t need to worry about quality and customer service, and buy our productions with no worry.
We support OEM customization and new product development cooperation. You can provide the sample or the blueprint production, and our designer may also design style according to your request, specifically please contact the customer service. Production cycle: 3~7 days, the spot can be shipped the same day.